Facts and Features of Global Technology industry

Although, most of the industries in world economy are using high technology in productions and marketing of their product line, here we are dealing with global tech industry and companies that are leading in research and development of technology. Today, with continuous research and development, the technology companies are one of the hottest properties in the market.

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Facts & Features

With continuous and increasing demand in worldwide market, naturally the growth rate of global tech industry business is continuously in expansion mode. Although, the youngest industry when compared with other sectors of economy, this global tech industry business have reached several billions $ mark in an average year and the average rate of growth has been noted in double figures in one year.  With continuous development of infrastructure, the tech industry market size has been poised to growth fast in all tech industry market segmentation.

Major companies in this sector

Some famous names in global tech industries are Hewlett- Packard, IBM, Symantec, Ebay and PayPal, Apple and Microsoft. But, with increasing competition from small players, these companies are using various Brand Building & Positioning Tactics for continuous success in the market.

Major Countries

The major countries in tech industry business are USA, Canada, India, China, Europe and Singapore.

Industry trend

Although, the growth rate of tech industry is increasing rather than the diminishing, this industry has to recognize the future trend and change the business and products as per increasing customer expectations. The tech industry and changing global trends includes using native contents for capturing market, increasing online use and personalization of products and services.

Market size and share

As per tech market share analysis, the increasing and continuous demand for infrastructure all over the world continues to increase market size and share of the industry.


With continuous research and development in technology and increasing customer’s expectations, the tech industry will have to get ready for many challenges such as tough competition from smaller players, changing requirements of business models, and cost issue. To meet these challenges, the tech companies will have to modify their industry policy and plans, cost structure and business strategies.

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