Need Tips To Crack Interviews?

Interviews and blind dates are no different situations. Both are similar to each other in so many ways. Interviews provide jobs and blind dates look forward for a commitment. In short, both of them look forward for a long term association with the candidate.

Job interviews are one of the most horrifying phases for entering the corporate world. It’s like going near a tiger and asking it to eat you in a decent way. Facing interviews is really tough, just the way convincing a girl not to shop. Interviews are like blind dates. The opposite person is always a stranger, never seen before. And your task is to impress that stranger, whether your date or the interviewer. They then decide whether to date you for the next few months, or even years, or no. Both require interaction to check your abilities and skills.

A major similarity between a date and an interview is that they both can be either annoying or can be the best and are judged in the first meeting itself. And a major difference is that once people are selected in the interview, they get jobs if approved by the date, people get into relationships.

Tips to handle interviewers

Be who you are

Blind dates and interviews are not attracted to you because of gravity or any other physics theory. They don’t just catch up a pedestrian from anywhere and start dating or interviewing. They have their own intentions. Interviewers intend to provide jobs. For this, they already have the credentials they need; your date heard from you from a mutual friend whereas the interviewer already has gone through your resume. This is why they chose to meet you and want to go ahead and work with you. So, avoid talking about yourself and talk about them. Don’t sound dumb but show them you have researched the best on them and know a little about them at least.

As a date or an interviewee, it is your responsibility and duty to make the person want you. For this, you have to make them realize your worth so that they can look for a long term association with you.

Don’t boast, tell them your SUCCESS stories

Share stories that are real and include you in them. Tell your interviewer how you failed in situations and the way you handled them. Share your failure incidents with a ray of success in them. All you have to do is to sell your personality, either to your date or your interviewer. You have to impress the opposite person in a right way. Boasting is a very bad habit most people usually do due to nervousness. They go on and on endlessly and in the end tend to forget what they actually said. So, on the safer side, it is better to share incidents that you encountered or don’t share anything at all.

Experiment with your personality

If your date or interviewer is not happy with your current personality, keep changing them until they are comfortable with one. Experimenting does not mean to change everything in your personality, but just a few gestures. Your personality is an amalgamation of your daily habits. So keep changing them until the best one amongst your other habits suit you.


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