Professionalize Your Hobbies or Your Interests to Have a Brilliant Start

Searching for the right job is a hectic task, at least for recent graduates. Highly experienced candidates leave fewer chances for a fresher to get hired. This is the major concern nowadays. To fight such an issue, we have listed few jobs that can guide fresher candidates to kick start a career.

Today’s youth’s major concern has always been getting into the right job at the right time. Few jobs are open to immediate fresher candidates whereas the others demand only experienced candidates. The areas where experienced candidates are required, the recent graduates cannot apply, which in turn becomes a major concern of every fresher. But it’s a proven fact that graduation or higher degree holders tend to earn more as compared to those having just a high school diploma. Straight out of college, even if one isn’t being able to get placed anywhere, he can start off with part time jobs until they get the best offer. This way, they do gain some experience at least. Doing such jobs is better than sitting idle and not doing anything productive.

Selling hobbies also can pool in some money. Like they say make your hobby your profession and you don’t have to work a single day, you can try to apply for such jobs that are of your interest and somewhat related to your hobby.

Depending upon the recent graduates, we have classified and listed few jobs and careers suitable for entry level candidates that can pool in big bucks.

Insurance Agent

With increase in population, comes the higher demand of insurance policies. There are thousands of insurance agent’s nationwide earning 5-digit and 6-digit salaries. Well, initially this requires training before being sent out in the real world. So, entry level fresher candidates can apply for such jobs. After getting experience, they can then go for major companies. With experience, the salary also increases.

School Teacher/ Home tutor

Remember, you have just passed college which means school was not long back then. You must still be having a faint idea about what all you studied then. Or if not, you must be aware of basic subjects at least, like Mathematics, Science, Geography, English etc. You can apply these concepts by teaching school children, either in school or at home. This way, your knowledge can also be enhanced. Practice does make a man perfect, and you will be perfect.

System Administrator/ Lab Assistant

Every office or school or institute has one thing in common. Guess what? Of course a computer system is common. Everyone is aware of the basic operations of a system. In every office, there has to be one person to look after all the operations of a computer system. Who best can operate other than college graduates? And if you hold a degree in IT, that would be considered as icing on the cake.

Apart from these jobs, there are other jobs also that can help you in commencing a career and gain some kind of experience. They include:



Front-office coordinator

Back office



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