Yemeni army forces during clashes with the Houthis
Yemeni army forces during clashes with the Houthis

The Yemeni army launched a lightning attack on gatherings of the Houthi militia in the Al-Jawf governorate, in the north of the country, while the revolutionaries suffered new defeats in the Ma'rib Governorate, in the east of the country.

The National Army said, early Friday, that its forces launched a preemptive attack targeting a gathering of Houthi militias in the "An-Nudud" Front of the Khub al-Sha`f district in al-Jawf, where the coupists were planning to raid the positions of government forces, according to an official statement.

The lightning attack resulted in the death and injury of the Houthi militia, while the National Army forces managed to recover large quantities of weapons and ammunition left behind by the coup elements before they fled.

The Arab coalition fighters, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supported the battles on the ground, and launched raids targeting 3 Houthi patrols that were en route to the front, which resulted in their complete destruction, according to the statement.

Heavy losses
In Marib, the Houthi coup militia suffered heavy losses while trying to implement a failed infiltration attempt at the positions of the National Army in the "Najd al-Ataq" front and the Madghal district, east of Sanaa.

In the same context, the coalition forces supporting the legitimacy targeted three crews carrying reinforcements belonging to the coup militias that were on their way to the front, and the raids resulted in their complete destruction, according to the statement.

Lt. Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz, the chief of staff of the Yemeni army, praised the victories achieved, and confirmed that the Houthi militia had suffered a new defeat on the ground, adding to its previous series of defeats, according to the official Saba agency.

The Yemeni military official said that coup militias do not work with dialogue and do not accept coexistence with the other, as they only understand the language of power and this is the only way to complete the liberation of the country and defeat the Iranian sabotage project.