Aramco deal
Aramco deal

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Iraq is waving to stop importing Iranian gas at this time
Ihsan Abdel-Jabbar, Iraqi Oil Minister, confirmed on Sunday that his country could stop importing Iranian gas in 2024 if all of its gas projects were completed as scheduled.

500 pounds per person .. A new support program in Sudan
 The government of Sudan, headed by Abdullah Hamdouk, begins its first steps to lift subsidies on goods and replace it with cash assistance to citizens.

The Barclays scandal ... a woman facilitated the deal with Hamad bin Jassim
British Barclays Bank CEO revealed that his wife, not businesswoman Amanda Staffeli, has played a key role in concluding a bank financing deal for £ 3.25 billion.

Today's deal .. Aramco acquires 70% of SABIC
The Saudi oil giant, Saudi Aramco, has implemented special deals on shares of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation "SABIC" with a total value of 259.1 billion riyals, which means executing a purchase transaction of 70% of SABIC at the same price previously announced.

The Houthi militia exploits Corona to plunder the money of Yemenis
With the start of each new day, the Houthi militia revolutionary militia is devising new methods and methods to plunder the money of Yemenis, and in the framework of investing the Corona pandemic, it was imposed on the residents of the city of Sana'a to pay the costs of street sterilization.

IKEA returns 9 countries, our losses are less than expected
The world's largest furniture maker, IKEA, has started negotiations with 9 governments to return aid they received during the Corona pandemic.