The stability of the dollar in Sudan
The stability of the dollar in Sudan

The price of the dollar against the Sudanese pound stabilized today, Friday, in the unofficial parallel (black) market at 150 pounds, and the price of the green currency on the Sudanese Central Bank screen stood at 55 pounds for purchase and 55.27 pounds for sale.

The official price of the dollar was repeated on the screens of all banks and exchange firms operating in Sudan.

Sudanese media say that transactions on the black market are witnessing a "cautious calm" after government authorities announced a "war" against currency traders.

The first team, Mohamed Hamdan Diqlou, "Hamidati", Chairman of the Supreme Economic Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council, after a meeting of the Supreme Economic Committee, yesterday night, said that the task of the committee is to reduce the dollar.

He stressed that the increase in salaries against the rise of the dollar "has no value".

Daglo called for reporting on anyone hiding or trading in the dollar, noting that the government is at war with speculators.

And I swear that he will not personally leave trading in foreign currencies "the dollar" whatever his position is, considering that the US dollar is an enemy for them and requires everyone to work until its price falls against the Sudanese pound.

However, observers said that the war against currency dealers closes the outlets for importers to obtain their needs in free currencies.

The Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies in Khartoum took a package of measures to control the exchange rate and provide basic commodities.

The measures announced after the meeting of the committee headed by Hamidati included new policies for the purchase and export of gold, and the creation of a portfolio to finance strategic commodity payments.

Khartoum is facing difficulties in reorganizing its faltering economy. Inflation has reached 100%, and the currency has collapsed as the government prints banknotes to support bread, fuel and electricity.

The price of the euro and sterling
The price of the European euro on the Central Bank of Sudan screen reached 61.82 pounds for purchase, and 62.13 pounds for sale.

The pound recorded 69.04 pounds for purchase and 69.38 pounds for sale.

The price of the riyal, dirham and dinar
The Saudi riyal recorded 14.66 pounds for purchase, 14.73 pounds for sale, and the UAE dirham 14.97 pounds for purchase, 15.04 Sudanese pounds for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar recorded 177.76 pounds for purchase and 178.65 pounds for sale.