Android system logo for smartphones
Android system logo for smartphones

Millions of people around the world resort to smart phone applications in an attempt to communicate or have fun during the general isolation imposed to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

During this flood of downloading entertainment applications on smartphones, some hackers launched malicious applications and launched them on electronic platforms to steal data and money.

Some of the pranksters have designed applications that bring in money from users who do not even know that they are paying for nothing, "Secure de" president Jeffrey Cliffs told Britain's Mirror.

He continued, "At SecureDe, we have witnessed a sharp increase in entertainment applications made by vague parties and put them on the Google Play Store, and invites users to sign up for premium services, and then they seize the money from the subscribers' credit cards."

Spotlight D highlights a specific app, which is a noisy app called Snaptube.

"The most troublesome app so far in 2020 is Snaptube, a video download app that has been downloaded more than 40 million times around the world," said the report by the cyber prevention agency.

It is noteworthy that in 2019, the platform Secure D recorded one million fraudulent transactions through the application itself, "more than half of it in Brazil" according to the same report.

In October 2019, Secure D reported the app, but it is still available through many third-party app stores.

"The situation is very worrying, so we suggest that all users delete the Snaptube app to prevent its risks," added Secure Manager.