IPhone and Apple logo
IPhone and Apple logo

Apple and its products have always been the target of hackers trying to steal customers and seize their data, but this time the situation has changed and the American company has moved from the victim's location to the accused.

Days ago, Apple fell prey to the hacking team Unc0ver, which launched a tool to break the protection of iPhone phones, and today Apple is being accused of "secret theft" through the games "iPhone".

Between the two cases, iPhone phones are a common factor, which raises many questions about the best smartphones around the world.

According to the technical website "Engadget", the American company is facing a lawsuit, due to what it described as a "secret theft" practiced through iPhone phone games.

In the first incident, Apple quickly succeeded in saving its iPhone from the hands of Unc0ver pirates, after it released an update to the version 13.5.1 of the iOS operator for iPhone phones, with the aim of fixing the vulnerability that allowed the development of the tool that breaks the protection of all iPhone phones.

But until this moment, Apple did not respond to the new incident, nor did it move to save its phone's reputation, as this lawsuit is being filed due to the loot boxes in the App Store online games.

Most of the complaints and lawsuits have been directed at the loot boxes, known as "sudden mechanics", which appear in games on iPhones, which are used illegally by US companies and stores.

These games violate California law, and implicitly realize loot boxes, because they require the creator to broadcast multiple possibilities for "winning."

These defects or boxes do not require any alert notifications to users, nor do they grant any age ratings, which allows children to apply and use items without their age.

The lawsuit against Apple cites many games that rely on loot boxes, such as the "Mayo Carte Tour", "FIFA Soccer", "Roblox", and "Proolstars".

That lawsuit, Rebecca Taylor, brought the mother of a child who claimed to have fallen prey to these predatory tactics.

That lawsuit will pressure Apple and other digital game sellers to clearly reveal the presence of stolen boxes to regulate games.