The famous Twitter logo
The famous Twitter logo

Everything is changing, this is why many see that there is almost no reason to keep their old tweets on Twitter publicly displayed, so here are some ways you can delete those tweets from the popular platform.

Formal method:

The Twitter platform allows you to delete individual tweets through the drop-down menu in the tweet, but there is no official way to delete tweets in bulk, which means that you have to rely on third-party solutions, according to aitnews.

Tweet Delete

You can use the Tweet Delete service, this service allows you to delete old tweets and likes from your Twitter account for free, and also gives you some advanced benefits for $ 15.


Privacy-focused Jumbo is a great choice for mobile devices, as it is a great tool for controlling your privacy and data on services like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

But keep in mind that all solutions provided by third parties suffer from restrictions imposed by (Twitter API), as these services can only view and delete the last 3,200 tweets.

Twitter opened the door wide open to a state of controversy in a number of countries around the world after it suspended thousands of accounts that it described as "fake", without paying attention to the threats of their governments to harsh responses.

And Twitter, last Thursday, deleted tens of thousands of accounts, especially those that linked it to publicity operations in several countries, most notably Turkey and Russia.