Face recognition technology
Face recognition technology

Microsoft said on Thursday: It will not sell its face recognition technology to police departments until there is a federal law regulating the technology.

The American technology giant said in a statement: "We do not sell face recognition technology to American police departments today, and until there is a strong national law based on human rights, we will not sell this technology to police departments."

This announcement from Microsoft comes a day after Amazon announced that it would stop for one year from providing facial recognition software to the police, thereby halting an activity it had long advocated with many protesting the brutality of law enforcement against people without white skin.

The death of George Floyd - the black man who died in police custody last month - has raised fears that faces will be unfairly identified against the demonstrators.

(Matt Kagle) - A lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union said: "When it comes to the makers of Face Recognition refusing to sell this surveillance technology because it is so dangerous, lawmakers can no longer deny threats to our rights and freedoms." This, and the US Congress has been studying the possibility of regulating technology for months.

On Monday, IBM said it would not introduce face recognition or analysis software in a letter to Congress, while calling for new efforts to track justice and racial equality.