The Afghan ambassador during his summons inside the headquarters of the Iranian Foreign Ministry
The Afghan ambassador during his summons inside the headquarters of the Iranian Foreign Ministry

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Afghan ambassador to Tehran after a week of demonstrations in front of its embassy in Kabul, in protest against violence against migrants.

The official website of the ministry revealed, on Sunday, the scenes of summoning the Afghan ambassador, Abdul Ghafoor Laywal, to obtain clarifications regarding these demonstrations, which witnessed an attack against Iranian officials, including the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry attributed the recent protests in front of the Iranian embassy in the Afghan capital to a few political currents with a history of opposition to Iran.

A protest march was held in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul, early last week, to protest against the incidents of dozens of immigrants drowning in the Herrod border river, and the Iranian police shooting at a car in Yazd Province (center).

And pictures circulated on social media showed that some demonstrators shed red paint material on the wall and banner of the Iranian embassy in Afghanistan.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry did not refer to the statements of the Afghan ambassador during his summons, on Saturday, and his meeting with the Director General of West Asian Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rasoul Mousavi, who expressed his country's concern.

Afghan Parliamentarian Maryam Sama described the summons of her country's ambassador as "shameless", and wrote on her account on the website "Twitter": "Shame on our Ministry of Foreign Affairs if it does not protest in this regard."

New political tensions between Tehran and Kabul escalated over the past month, as Afghan officials accused Iranian border guards of being involved in the incident of drowning scores of migrants in the waters of the Harirud River.

At least 12 people were killed, 17 were missing and the rest survived out of about 50 Afghan immigrants, according to preliminary estimates of the Truth Commission in Afghanistan.

On June 3, another incident sparked widespread anger among Afghans after the Iranian police targeted a car carrying Afghan immigrants in Yazd Province (central), and fired at its frame, which led to its overthrow, setting fire to it and charred 3 people.

The Afghan media have become increasingly critical of Iran's mistreatment of its citizens in recent months.