Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday that the government and other institutions are under sophisticated cyberattack supported by a foreign country.

Morrison told a news briefing in Canberra that the attacks targeted the government at all levels, political organizations, basic service providers and infrastructure operators.

"We know that it is a sophisticated attack carried out by a state-backed party, given the scope and nature of the targeting," he said.

Iran has always carried out cyber attacks targeting European countries and the West. Earlier this year, the German newspaper Bild said that the threat of Iranian piracy attacks is increasing and is becoming a major threat.

She added: "Iran has developed software programs intended to penetrate the sites and data of companies."

The newspaper continued: "Iranian piracy attacks represent a major threat to German companies such as Siemens."

The American ZDNet website also revealed that Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) was subjected to an advanced cyberattack from Iran on December 29th.

He continued that "Iranian-backed hackers launched an attack against the company with a new data survey program called Dustman.

The website pointed out that the attack hit a limited number of computers in the company, but it shows the extent of Iran’s intention to launch electronic attacks.

And in the second week of January, the US Department of Homeland Security warned that Iran had strengthened its capabilities to launch cyber-attacks.

She added that Iranian attacks could target companies and government institutions.