Make a smear to a citizen of Australia related to Corona virus
Make a smear to a citizen of Australia related to Corona virus

The government in Victoria announces 13 new cases of coronavirus and confirms the way forward in easing restrictions.

This morning, Victoria State recorded a number of two-digit Corona Virus cases for the third day in a row. The state authorities announced the registration of 13 new cases during the past twenty-four hours, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 1792.

The new rise in the number of cases is linked to the epicenter of the outbreak at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Melbourne. The authorities recorded four cases associated with that outpost.
Seven cases were monitored through community tests and one case for a returning traveler from abroad who was in the compulsory quarantine. While one case remained unknown.

The state of Victoria has recorded 52 cases during the past three days, by 21 cases on Wednesday and 18 cases on Thursday. Of the cases recorded, eight were cases where the authorities were unable to determine the source of the infection.
The state recorded zero cases twice during the beginning of this month, with only three days between them, but starting from the tenth of June, the numbers began to rise until they reached 21 cases on Wednesday, which is the highest result in a month.

The Victorian government intends to ease the restrictions imposed to contain the outbreak of Corona from next Monday, as it will increase the numbers allowed in fitness clubs, cinemas, indoor centers and party venues from 20 to 50 people.

However, Minister of the Jacinta Allan Alan government confirmed today that the government is not considering changing the restrictions restrictions.