China - Archive Picture
China - Archive Picture

This morning, China denied responsibility for the cyber attacks that targeted Australian companies and government organizations, saying such accusations were "baseless."

But an Australian Research Center confirmed the claim that the attacks were definitely from the Asian superpower, according to Australian News Agency (AP).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed on Friday that Australia had been the target of increased cyber attacks by a foreign entity, describing that entity as "sophisticated and electronic at the country level."

He declined to give the name of the country that carried out the attacks, nor was it mentioned by opposition leader Anthony Albanese, who was briefed by the Australian security services.

And the Australian Strategic Policy Institute suggested that the attack came from "95 percent or more" because of the size and strength of the attack.

But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian denied such allegations, and criticized the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in particular.

"The attacks coming from an institute against China are absolutely baseless nonsense," Zhao told reporters at a daily news conference, claiming that the institute is receiving support from American arms companies.

For his part, the institute's executive director, Peter Jennings, described China's response as "funny nonsense."