Republican President Donald Trump, President of the United States of America
Republican President Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

There are only a few months left on the American vote .. As a bet, Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden stand every attempt to mobilize his electoral arsenals to overcome the other, while the electoral benefit comes exceptional in light of the circumstances surrounding it.

The outbreak of the Corona virus and the injuries it caused exceeded two million and deaths over the 110,000, is the biggest challenge that Trump faces in staying in the White House for another four years, as his opponents and with all the power of exploiting the spread of the pandemic in the Nile from him and showing him unable to deal With the matter, in addition to the great economic stagnation that struck the business sector and halted the wheel of life in the fifty states.

In the midst of the American battle against the Corona virus, the death of the black American, George Floyd, by a policeman and the accompanying mass demonstrations that took place throughout most of the American streets, added to the misfortune and raised doubts about Donald Trump's chances in the presidency.

Joe Biden took advantage of all these exceptional circumstances to undermine his rivals and mobilize public opinion to defeat him, trying to attach racism and division of the country, and the inability to manage the country and confusion in managing the crisis of "Corona" with his opponent, charges that Trump completely ignores and shows certainty that his re-election is a matter of time not Except.

Trump is betting on a quick ability to revive the economy and restore it to the path of the road, which is what started its purchase through the economic recovery witnessed in the past days with the start of the gradual opening.

The Democratic candidate strives to discredit his opponent and accuse him of trying to steal the elections and not accepting him to leave the White House even if he loses. Biden tries to maneuver and choose a vice-president of African descent in an attempt to score a point against his opponent by igniting the enthusiasm of blacks, minorities and women to vote for him, while former President Barack Obama closed the gap of Biden's popularity among minorities by showing his support.

Corona and racism represent Trump's biggest challenge to victory in the elections. If he were to surround the Corona virus or found an effective vaccine for him, he would have been able to install his seat in the White House for a new presidential term, while his failure to manage this file would potentially pave His Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, made his way to the presidency.