Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Recep Tayyip Erdogan

A Turkish writer revealed the willingness of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to overthrow his secrets and head of the intelligence service, Haqqan Fedan, within the expected political changes and ministerial amendments.

According to the Turkish writer Ahmed Nesin, on Saturday, on the website of the newspaper "Arte Gertchik", Erdogan intends to fire Fidan from his post and to appoint a retired colonel Levent Goktash to his post.

The writer pointed out that this comes as part of measures that Erdogan is preparing to take soon, such as the upcoming cabinet reshuffle, the amendment of the Political Parties and Elections Law, and preparing for any early elections that may be called at any time.

The writer said that "the news of the appointment of the retired military commander as chief of intelligence came to me both exciting and frightening at the same time, especially the Justice and Development Party (the ruling) has often kept the military institution away from everything that is civilian," and went on to ask: "Why then turns a Civil Intelligence to a military apparatus. "

The Turkish writer stressed that "this issue should be dealt with intensively and talk about it, which has not happened yet."

He continued: "Fidan's tenure as chief of intelligence is the period when Turkish intelligence interfered with her Iranian counterpart, so does his dismissal indicate Turkey's gradual direction to the West and NATO. And is this caused by the position of the United States of America on Iran?"

The Turkish writer pointed out that "Levent Goktash, when he was an army officer, was responsible for removing the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan, from Syria (in 1998) and bringing him from Kenya (when he was arrested in 1999)."

He explained, "He served in the command of the Special Forces, and is known to be the only officer who has received the Order of Supreme Service and Self-Sacrifice 3 times. This means that Goktash is a serious expert in the war against the PKK."

He continued: "Looking at what happened on the night of the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, we find that Fidan was next to the Minister of Defense, Khulusi Akar, from the beginning of the events to the end, and it is known that the (Turkish) Minister of Defense was not a supporter of the organikon (deep state) but rather a supporter NATO. "

Based on the foregoing, the Turkish writer reviewed several possible scenarios for Erdogan's actions, the first of which is the outbreak of an internal war, and for Turkey to turn into a situation worse than it was after the June 7, 2015 elections, where Erdogan places his hand on power after the imposition of martial law. "