The latest tourism news today in Dubai, where the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai said that it will allow the reopening of hotel swimming pools again from Friday.

On the other hand, the Dubai Tourism Department has stated, in a circular, that this is part of a new update of the requirements for tourism sector facilities and services, according to the Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan, today.

And the other catch in the circular is that hotel establishments, health and sports clubs, and residential and commercial complexes can open indoor and outdoor pools, provided that all precautionary measures are taken for safety until the Corona virus ends in all countries of the world, and preventive measures that guarantee the health and safety of everyone.

According to the new circular, all facilities must be required to perform precise and focused cleaning and sterilization operations, especially as they have been closed for a long time, in order to avoid diseases and ensure the health and safety of the swimming pool goers and caretakers.

The department obligated the establishments to check the water quality before reopening to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, according to the Dubai Health Guidelines.

And indicated, that the circular to employees and visitors to undergo a temperature test before entering the complex or hotel facility to ensure the safety of all.

And stressed, to maintain a distance of two meters at all times and a group of not more than 5 individuals can sit together with the need to maintain the lack of overcrowding in the pool by about 4 square meters per person.